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Everybody Knows (covers EP)

1. Everybody Knows (L. Cohen/S. Robinson)
2. Heaven Only Knows (E. Greenwich/J. Barry)
3. If She'd Love Me (J. Colter)

Brad Kleiman - vocals, guitar, drums

recorded 2010 thru 2013
mastered by Al Jones (Laminal Audio)
cover photo by Ray Bally

"Everybody Knows" written by Leonard Cohen & Sharon Robinson
original version by Leonard Cohen (I'm Your Man, 1988)

"Heaven Ony Knows" written by Ellie Greenwich & Jeff Barry
original version by The Shangri-Las ("Give Us Your Blessings"/"Heaven Only Knows", 1965)

"If She'd Love Me" written (as "If He'd Love Me") by Jessi Colter
original version by Nancy Sinatra (Boots, 1966)

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