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Roses In The Snow (Nico tribute album)

1. Lawns Of Dawns (Nico)
2. Frozen Warnings (Nico)
3. Roses In The Snow (Nico)
4. Afraid (Nico)
5. Innocent And Vain (Nico)
6. Secret Side (Nico)
7. Purple Lips (Nico)
8. Sixty Forty (Nico)

Brad Kleiman - vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Dennis Young - gliss guitar, e-bow, cymbals, marimba, cowbell, jembe, maracas, vocals
Ray Bally - acoustic guitar (track 2)
Joe Braverman - flute (track 3), saxophone (tracks 5 & 7)
Noah Teachey - electric bass (track 5), violin (tracks 5 & 6), cello (track 6)

recorded 2020 thru 2021
at Dennis Young Studios, South Plainfield, NJ
produced, engineered, & mixed by Dennis Young
mastered by Al Jones (Laminal Audio)
cover photo/art by Brad Kleiman

all songs written by Nico

"Lawns Of Dawns" & "Frozen Warnings"
original versions by Nico (The Marble Index, 1968)

"Roses In The Snow"
original version by Nico (outtake from The Marble Index, 1968)

original version by Nico (Desertshore, 1970)

"Innocent And Vain" & "Secret Side"
original versions by Nico (The End..., 1974)

"Purple Lips" & "Sixty Forty"
original versions by Nico (Drama Of Exile, 1981)

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