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Shoeprints/ Shoeprints: Live

1. Always (B. Kleiman)
2. Truce (B. Kleiman)
3. Shoeprints (B. Kleiman)
4. If Love May Be True (B. Kleiman)
5. Daydream Song (B. Kleiman)
6. Configuration (B. Kleiman)
7. Crashpad (B. Kleiman)
8. Litter (B. Kleiman)
9. Time Is Cruel (B. Kleiman)

Brad Kleiman - vocals, guitar

studio version:
recorded February thru March 2019
at Dennis Young Studios, South Plainfield, NJ
produced, engineered, and mixed by Dennis Young
mastered by Tom Ruff (Asbury Media, Asbury Park, NJ)
artistic advice by Ray Bally & Janis Young
cover photo by Ray Bally

live version:
recorded February 22, 2020
at St. Elizabeth's Church, Elizabeth, NJ
produced by Ray Bally
engineered, mixed, & mastered by Sian Austin
cover photo by Ray Bally

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